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Living in Italy since April - Swept Away

Swept Away in Italy!



We have been swept away by our life here in Italy. Since our arrival on April 23rd there hasn't been a dull moment. My job at Umbra Cuscinetti has been keeping me incredibly busy but somehow, here in Italy, your work doesn't compete for your free time the way it does in the States. Also, we have managed to participate in festivals, travel, visit family and, of course eat some really good food! What I'd like to do in this post is "catch up" by simply posting some pictures we've taken since our arrival. I'm presenting them in no particular order. I just want to reflect on our adventure by simply showing what an amazing place Italy is...at least the Italy we experience!


As you can see we've visited ancient Greek/Roman temples, flown across a mountain valley, eaten really good food and went back to Rome after a 33 year hiatus!!! Not bad for our first few months here. Living here has not been without its challenges. There have been a number of bureaucratic issues we've dealt with. We also struggle with the language. Even so, these have not been terrible problems. The fact is, we've been lucky to land in Umbria because the people here have been incredibly friendly and patient. The public officials have taken the time to help us understand how things work. Also, our landlords are incredibly sweet people who have also helped us along the way. Our landlady has taken care of our cats when we've been out-of-town!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. As I mentioned above, I haven't posted in a long time and this is my way of getting back in the blogging groove. I will be writing more about our specific adventures in future posts. Ciao for now!

Valley Views from Assisi - Our Tandem Ride this Morning

Valley Views from Assisi - Our Tandem Ride this Morning

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